Sum Jamz

by Euneverse

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released January 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Euneverse Vancouver, British Columbia

Euneverse is chillin like a villan. Zeus's Thunder & Dance Party is my 1st studio album or 4th studio album, depending on what you call a studio. Music is all free download. Need some? Get at me!

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Track Name: Dance
You know we'll never know, come on baby give us a chance.
The love you don't let show, never grow into a romance.
I've always loved you baby, knew it from the moment I met you.
Don't hold back your river, tell me that your feelings won't let you.

Put your hand in mine and close your eyes.
Put your hand in mine and dance.

I know it in my soul, you're the one I want in my life.
Been waiting for so long, lonely nights and tears in my eyes.
You are a misty painting, morning on a beautiful lake.
Baby there's no denying, magic loving we're gonna make.

Put your hand in mine and close your eyes.
Put your hand in mine and dance.

Some things are meant to be, mystery we can't control.
Been thinking about you and me, you're already part of my world.

Put your hand in mine and close your eyes.
Put your hand in mine and dance.
Track Name: Ain't That Bad
I'm lost inside, can't see no light
But through this night, it's gonna be alright.
So brother hold my hand and help me stand
And walk with me you know it ain't that bad.

When I feel that pain inside of me, I wonder how I'll make it through.
And then I feel your love surrounding me, I thank the good Lord I've got you.

Because I hold your love in my heart
and cause you walk with me you know it ain't that hard.
No matter where we are, near or far,
Brother till the end, I'm gonna be your friend.

And even if you walk in darkness among the shadows of the night
You know I'm gonna walk beside you we'll walk until we see the light.

And through the fog, we're gonna carry on hand in hand
Till the fear is gone, till the fear is gone
No matter where we are, near or far, brother till the end I'm gonna be your friend. And you can hold my hand, I'll help you stand
And walk with you, you know it ain't that bad.
Track Name: Make It Work
I was letting you go
I thought we were done
But you found a way
Back to my heart
I'm playing music without you
Alone in the rain
Praying heaven will hear me
Bring you home again

I love you baby,
Can we maybe make it work
Cause I just don't see that sunshine
without you in my world
Now I know, I was wrong
I'm a fool, what's the word,
I love you,
Can we maybe make it work?

My party is over
Red balloons on the ground
Getting tired getting sober
See the mess that I've caused
Wanna come home and see you
But I ain't got no key
I forgot it was over
Guess it ain't over for me


I treated you so badly
Lord knows I'm sorry I did
I'm asking you to forgive me
And bring me that sweet music again...

Chorus x2
Track Name: Goodbye
I just can't stand you, don't understand you anymore
Why are you pushing me away?
I know you're worried, you're sorry, that's ok
I feel it deep within my soul
you don't love me anymore

Just like the old days, I'm holding your hand
Radio playing our favourite song
And as we're dancing, by chance the music stops
And I was dreaming all alone
You don't love me anymore

The bedrooms bigger and it's colder
So much space between our words
I feel the world up on my shoulders
Softly telling me to go

Like in the movies, a soothing melody
Well it can carry you away
But oh the curtain, is certain to rise
And baby there's nowhere to hide
I'm looking deep into your eyes
Wipe off my tears and say goodbye.